Past Debate Resolutions

The Party of the Left since its inception in Spring 2006 has dedicated itself to debating topics that divide the left and get at the core principles that guide members. The following is a list of resolutions we’ve debated.

Fall 2011
Resolved: The U.S. Should Not Have Intervened in Libya
Resolved: The Democratic Party Has Failed the Left
Resolved: Allow Sex-Selective Abortions
Resolved: Build Your Life Around Your Career
Resolved: Oppression Justifies Terrorism
Resolved: The Arc of History Bends Towards Justice
Resolved: This House is Destroying America (Joke Debate)
Resolved: #OccupyWallStreet
Resolved: Abolish Marriage
Resolved: Contact Uncontacted Tribes
Resolved: Encourage White Guilt
Resolved: Be Good, Not Great
Resolved: Leave Some Children Behind

Summer 2011
Resolved: Tax Unhealthy Foods (Inaugural Summer Debate)

Spring 2011
Resolved: Human Nature is Something to be Overcome
Resolved: Justice Should Not Be Punitive
Resolved: Abolish Monarchies
Resolved: Support Anti-American Democracies
Resolved: Free Love is Good
What is the Left and Why are You on It? (Closed Party Caucus)
Resolved: Abolish Inheritance
Resolved: Don’t Automate Warfare
Resolved: Encourage Homeownership (Alumni Debate)
Resolved: Let the Nuclear Family Melt Down (Joint Debate with the Federalist Party)
Resolved: Westernize the World
Resolved: Political Leaders Should Be Moral Leaders

Fall 2010
Resolved: Capitalism is Immoral
Resolved: Reject Gender
Resolved: Atheism is Progress
Resolved: Feminists Must be Pro-Choice
Resolved: Abolish the Nation-State System
Resolved: End Immigration Restrictions to the United States
Resolved: Be a Loyal Democrat
Resolved: The University Should Ban Misogynist Chants
Resolved: Leave Justice to the State
Resolved: Communism is Immoral (2010 Debate-a-thon)
Resolved: The Left Should be Anti-Military
Resolved: Revolution in a Liberal Democracy is Never Justified
Resolved: Reject the Western Canon

Spring 2010
Resolved: Total War Can Be Justified
Resolved: Journalists Should Put the Truth Above All
Resolved: Bring Opera to the Poor
Resolved: Institute a Maximum Wage
Resolved: The Human Race Should Not Seek Immortality
Resolved: Beat China to Mars
Resolved: Welfare Should Be Conditional
Resolved: Honor is Obsolete (Joint Debate with the Tory Party)
Resolved: The POL Should Seek Corporate Sponsorship (Joke Debate)
Resolved: The Left Should End its Special Relationship with Labor (Alumni Debate)
What is the Left and Why Are You On It? (Closed Party Caucus)
Resolved: The Left Has Too Much Faith in Government

Fall 2009
Resolved: Capitalism is Immoral
Resolved: Withdraw From Afghanistan
Resolved: Give the Best Students the Most Resources
Resolved: Save New Haven, Not Darfur
Resolved: Allow Parents to Genetically Engineer Their Children
Resolved: Politicians Should Look Like Their Constituents
Resolved: Preserve Nature At The Expense Of Human Welfare
Resolved: The Left Should Embrace Counterculture (Alumni Debate)
Resolved: End Priest-Penitent Privilege
Resolved: Break Up The New Haven Democratic Machine (Debate-a-thon)
Resolved: The UN Should Have A Standing Army
Resolved: Accept Arranged Marriage
Resolved: End Jail Time For Nonviolent Offenders

Spring 2009
Resolved: A Liberal Arts Education Is Not For Everyone
Resolved: The Left Should Promote Marriage
Resolved: Repeal Hate Crimes Legislation
Resolved: Preserve Manufacturing in America
Resolved: Install Surveillance Cameras in Public Places
What is the Left and Why Are You On It? (Closed Party Caucus)
Resolved: Prosecute Batman
Resolved: The Only Thing we Have to Fear is the Collapse of the World Economy (Joke Debate)
Resolved: Gentrify (Alumni Debate)
Resolved: Ban Smoking

Fall 2008
Resolved: The U.S. Should Enforce Human Rights Abroad
Resolved: Justice Requires Vengeance
Resolved: Be a Loyal Democrat
Resolved: Put Family Before Country
Resolved: The Left Should Be Angry
Resolved: America Needs a New Constitution
Resolved: Yalies Know Best
Resolved: Every Ethnicity Deserves a Homeland
Resolved: Allow the Sale of Bodily Organs
Resolved: Noble Lies are a Noble Lie (Joke Debate)
Resolved: President Obama Should Govern From the Center
Resolved: Hold Developing Nations to Strict Environmental Standards

Spring 2008
Resolved: Let the Old People Die
Resolved: Fund Food Stamps, Not NASA
Resolved: Evil Exists
Resolved: Men and Women Cannot be Friends (Joint Debate with the Conservative Party)
Resolved: Use Racial Profiling in Airports
Resolved: Dodge the Draft
Resolved: The Left Should Condemn the Burqa
What is the Left and Why are We on it? (Closed Party Caucus)
Resolved: Markets Cure Poverty
Resolved: Duty Before Happiness
Resolved: The Left Should Reject Religion

Fall 2007
Resolved: International Responsibility Trumps National Interest
Resolved: The Left Should Not Support Israel
Resolved: Racial Inequality Cannot Be Eliminated
Resolved: Columbia Should Not Have Invited Ahmadinejad
Resolved: Harbor Illegal Immigrants
Resolved: Self Harm is a Right
Resolved: Institute Mandatory Public Service
Resolved: You Shall Not Crucify Mankind Upon a Cross of Gold (Joke Debate)
Resolved: Politicians Should Vote Their Religious Convictions
Resolved: A Stay at Home Parent is a Waste of a Yale Education
Resolved: All Countries Should Embrace Democracy (Joint Debate with the Tory Party)

Spring 2007
Resolved: Democratic Participation Should Not Be Anonymous
Resolved: Yale Suites Should Be Coed
Resolved: China is Our Enemy
Resolved: One’s Legacy is More Important Than One’s Life
Resolved: Abolish Teacher’s Unions
Resolved: Chivalry Hurts Women (Joint Debate with the Tory Party)
Resolved: Atheism is Progress
Resolved: One World Government
Resolved: Conquer Canada/That These United Colonies Are and of Right Ought to be Free and Independent States/Korea is the Phallus that Will Impregnate the World/Strange Women Lying in Ponds Distributing Swords is No Basis for a System of Government (Joke Debate)
What is the Left and Why are We on it? (Closed Party Caucus)
Resolved: Save Women, Censor Porn

Fall 2006
Resolved: Torture Can Be Justified
Resolved: The Left Needs Lamont
Resolved: Love Your Country Even When You Hate It
Resolved: Government Handouts Can’t Work
Resolved: The Irresponsible Forfeit Their Rights
Resolved: True Societal Change Requires Revolution
Resolved: Out of Iraq, into Sudan
Resolved: Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker (Joke Debate)
Resolved: Disenfranchise the Ignorant
Resolved: Free Love is Wrong

Spring 2006
Resolved: Women Should be Drafted
Resolved: The American Left is Unpatriotic
Resolved: Interest Group Politics Harms the Left