The Party of the Left is a project — as a community, we are dedicated to exploring the issues that divide the Left and our own individual reasons for identifying with it. In the words of one of our members, that means that a member is expected not only to be shaped by the Party, but to help shape it as well. The Party of the Left asks for a real commitment from its members, and it is the contributions of our members that has created the PoL that we are so proud of today. Membership in the Party of the Left is for life, not just for your time at Yale or for as long as you keep coming to debates. Once you’ve been in, you’re a member, and, barring anything highly unusual, you always will be.

With all that said, the membership process shouldn’t be intimidating. While membership is elective (that is, the Party as a whole elects you to membership), it’s not so that we can exclude at will. As mentioned above, we really believe the Party is a community, and that membership should be more than just a formality. That means that not everyone who drops by a debate automatically becomes a member. However, if you’ve come to some debates, gotten to know and like some members, and feel comfortable committing to contribute to the intellectual atmosphere of the Party, it may well be time to consider membership. The Chair and Chief of Staff will provide more information about the sponsorship and election process in advance of the Party’s Membership Caucuses. There will be two such caucuses in the Fall (late October and December) and at least one in the Spring.

Take your time, participate in Party events, and talk with current members. Be sure to join the full Yale Political Union for debates as well.

For more information on Membership and Party Events, contact the Chief of Staff at